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Our front-loading 2-piece Super Splash Down Tropical Slide with pool is a treat for the eyes and your bank account. It can be used as a wet or dry slide. Why buy a water slide that can only be used 3 months out of the year when you can own our Super Splash Down Slide and use it for your entire season? It makes sense doesn't it? This unit comes with a separate 10' pool that attaches to the slide in minutes. You won't find a more beautiful water slide anywhere. It's guaranteed to be rented out all the time! Our exclusive air tube system allows you to run both units off of 1 blower. This unique design allows you to deflate the slide and roll it up while keeping the pool inflated. This keeps your slide nice and dry. No more having to blow up your water slide for hours to dry it out. Getting the pool dry is also a snap. Two separate zippers on the bottom of the pool allow easy access to clean and dry the pool inside and out in less than 10 minutes! Try doing that with one of our competitor's units. This allows for easy clean up. We design with you in mind! Ships with 1 blower, misting system, slide cover, pool cover, stakes, & repair kit.