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bazooka ball shoot out

See the Bazooka Ball Shoot Out™ in Action! | Video

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2014-07-31 13:54:43

New for 2014 is the Bazooka Ball Shoot Out™! This interactive unit offers a hands-on experience that allows two players to compete against one another by shooting at targets with low impact two-inch foam balls from a patent protected soft air gun.   The Bazooka Ball Shoot Out™ is themed to activate the players’ imagination. Custom environments like entertaining western cowboy, circus clowns and zombie city are all available. Each unit contains six resettable targets for prolonged playtime in a competitive environment that is both fun and safe. Each Bazooka Ball Shoot Out™ also contains an automatic ball return for faster and easier reloading.  The Bazooka Ball Shoot Out™ fits in perfectly at birthday parties, festivals, fairs, carnivals, corporate events, block parties, and so much more. The Bazooka Ball Shoot Out™ is perfect for children of all ages!   View the official press release on PRWeb!