“Thank you for the information you sent on the water slides. We bought a large Cliff Hanger slide from your company and it has been very big hit! The Cliff Hanger slide is a must for the bigger kids!”

Jack Korves

Tribout’s Carnival, Bingo, Party


(800) 635-2589


“We would like to take this opportunity to let you know how satisfied Center Stage Events is with your products and services. Prior to opening our doors, the goal was to ensure that we purchased the proper inflatables.  We wanted to make sure our products were fully American made using our country’s engineering, designs, technology, and expertise. After several months of research, we found that there was one company that met our standards, and that company is eInflatables.”

Dave Castronovo

Center Stage Events




“Two years ago I started a party rental business. My research before starting was extensive to say the least. I set out to buy the safest and most durable inflatables on the market. I was lead to eInflatables by many in the business via the moonwalk forum. After talking to many companies I added eInflatables to my list. I was amazed at the customer service and genuine concern for my future success in the inflatables business. Luis took the time to listen to my business plan and customized a package of inflatables that would suit my customer’s needs in Southwest Florida. The order was placed and the rest is history. After two years my rentals are through the roof and my e-Inflatables units look as good as the day I received them. I couldn’t be more pleased with the construction and quality of my inflatables. Knowing I’m renting the safest inflatables on the market instills a sense of pride in my company that is priceless! Thanks Luis for all your help and patience.”

Joe Crato

Naples Inflatables Inc.



Purchasing the 22' Corkscrew water slide as a signature piece has been one of the best investments my party rental business has ever made. I was reluctant and apprehensive about spending so much on just one piece of equipment but my clients have no problem paying $750.00 per rental and $850.00 on special holidays. In fact the first time I rented this piece, the client enjoyed it so much, that he booked it on the spot for another day at $750.00. My first rental made me $1,500.00. After 8 years in business, I now only purchase my water slides from eInflatables. The quality of this piece far exceeds any other piece I have owned. I look forward to another season using eInflatables equipment. Thanks for everything.

Mark Camarota

Monster Fun Jumps


(925) 456-5867


“To anyone thinking about purchasing inflatables or getting into the inflatable business please take my word on this. eInflatables makes some of the best products on the market hands down. We started our inflatable party rental business in 2002 in Scottsdale Arizona and bought 2 inflatables from Greg and the customers went nuts for their products. You will always get more money for an eInflatables product from your customers and they will be glad to pay it. We rented them for years without any repairs or problems and over the years we have purchased several units from Greg and his team and you will not be disappointed with anything they make.”

Chad Baehr

Arizona Bounce Around