At eInflatables, we strive every day to build an enduring company that makes a difference in the world and improves people’s lives.

We want to be the world leaders in:

  • Developing, manufacturing and distributing inflatable products
  • Building customized inflatables
  • Developing and promoting the inflatables industry
  • Increasing awareness and safety in the inflatables industry
  • Helping our customers develop successful and profitable businesses


We will never stop working to provide the safest and most exciting inflatable and amusement products in the world, and to support the initial and ongoing success of all our customers.


For more than 26 years, eInflatables has been producing the highest quality, bouncers, slides and obstacle courses in the industry. We were founded on a belief in integrity, and that tradition continues to guide us today. 

Today, our rapid growth is largely due to our emphasis on innovation. We create cutting-edge designs that still put safety first. Our customers appreciate the quality and durability built into every unit. When you work with eInflatables, you get the best rides, the largest selection, and – most importantly – the safest inflatables in the industry.

Located in sunny southern California, eInflatables offers the largest selection of affordable inflatable play structures, including Water SlidesDry SlidesWet & Dry SlidesCombo UnitsObstacle CoursesInflatable GamesBouncers and more. We are creating new products daily, and we love doing custom designs that will wow your customers, and embarrass the competition.

Whether you are new to the business, or already have a successful rental company or family entertainment center, we want to help you grow. There are plenty of companies that will sell you inflatable units. But there is no one else who will come alongside you and invest in your success the way we will.


A great company is built on a great team, and ours includes some of the top consultants in the business. Many have run their own inflatable rental businesses before joining eInflatables.

No other company can top our knowledge of the inflatables industry, or our passion for our customers’ success. We know that in this competitive industry, you need to be able to stand out and stay ahead of the competition. We are experts at teaching new business owners how to set themselves apart and achieve profitability quickly. In fact, we have helped more people get started in the rental business than any other company.

We want to be a powerful ally for you in the inflatables industry. We don’t just sell the highest quality inflatables, we also offer help with marketing, getting insurance, understanding the legal issues, and many other important aspects of running a rental business. Our goal is to help you create, build and grow your business, and you will not find another company more dedicated to your ongoing victories.

Are you ready to see the difference that working with eInflatables can make in your business? Call us anytime.