Einflatables provides Buyer a limited repair and replacement warranty and agrees and warrants the products, will be fit for the intended purpose, merchantable, and without material defect in workmanship and materials for the period and types of products specified by category below:
a) All Dry Unit such as Bounce Houses and Combos carry a (2) year warranty from date of purchase.
b) Slides, Interactive units, games and Inflatables that are used wet carry a (2) year warranty from date of purchase.
c) All products sold to indoor facility carry (1) year warranty from date of purchase.
d) All Components such as zippers, netting, mesh, basketball hoops and nets, Boxing gloves, bungee cords, bungee vest, Velcro suits, slide covers, steps, sand bags, and storage bags carry a One hundred twenty (120) days warranty from date of purchase
e) Other Equipment not manufactured by Einflatables such as Tarps, Stakes, Misters, Hoses, Blowers, Rolling Machine, Zorb Balls, Chairs and Tables, Dolly, all types of concession machines, no warranty of any kind is extended by EInflatables and all warranty claims should be handled directly with the manufacturer. Misuse, improper handling or storage, improper maintenance and care, or accidental, abusive or negligent treatment of the product will invalidate the eInflatables warranty coverage. The Buyer’s usage of any inflatable product on a hard surface base (any surface other than grass), without the use of a tarp shall constitute improper usage and resulting damage or defect shall not be covered. Rolling up a wet unit with evidence of water in the inflatable (will result in rotting thread and breaking seams), shall constitute improper usage and resulting damage shall not be covered. Discoloration of vinyl due to silly string, cleaning chemicals, or yellowing due to well water residue shall constitute improper maintenance and damages shall not be covered.