For over 26 years, eInflatables has been producing the highest quality bouncers, slides (wet, dry, wet/dry), bounce combos and obstacle courses in the industry. We started small like you and then started growing quickly as the industry learned about our quality.

Located in sunny Southern California, eInflatables is a leading manufacturer of quality and affordable inflatable play structures. We have the largest selection of Water Slides to choose from, along with our New Inflatables , Combo UnitsWet & Dry Slides, Obstacle CoursesDry SlidesInflatable Games, Bouncers and more. Whether you are new to the business, have an existing Rental Company or opening up an (FEC) Family Entertainment Center, call us today and speak to one of our “Friendly Sales Executives” whose expertise will help you run a successful rental business. We have gotten more people started in the business than practically anyone else.

We're also experts at teaching new people just like you how to become successful in the booming party bounce rental business.