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Introducing the 42’ Blue Crush™ Run and Splash Combo™ Unit

Introducing the 42’ Blue Crush™ Run and Splash Combo™ Unit

At eInflatables, we pride ourselves on offering the best inflatables in the industry – emphasizing excitement, innovative design, and safety. We continuously aim to raise the bar on what’s possible for fun and safe entertainment, and we love to create cutting-edge water slides that showcase what’s possible in inflatable water slide design.

One of our newest units rolled out for 2014, the two-piece 42’ Blue Crush Run and Splash combo™, is a true reflection of our company mission, and of our commitment to bring you exciting money making products that will set you apart from the competition. The Blue Crush Run and Splash Combo adds to our best selling line of Blue Crush™ waterslides at 27’, 32’ and 36’. This unit is a game changer at 42’ tall, 115’long, and can be used wet or dry. It is the world’s tallest inflatable water slide! Most importantly, this unit is not only the tallest, but it has dual lanes for twice the throughput, and twice the safety of competing products. With 100% constant air, you won’t have to worry about sealed air setup, take down, or punctures.

This multi-functional slide is a two-piece unit, and it can be used dry without the Run and Splash Combo, or it can be connected to create the world’s best inflatable waterslide. Watch the excitement build as your customers make the climb, see the anticipation as they get into position, and hear the exhilaration as they accelerate down the 42’ slide all while rocketing down the full 115’. They’ll love to end with a splash into the pool, or slide all the way down onto the landing at the bottom. This will be the most memorable experience of any event, and will energize all those who ride it! Because this unit can be used wet or dry, it allows you to make money year round.

This combo unit is perfect for resorts, campgrounds, fairs and festivals, corporate events, promotional events, and when used as pay-per-play, it is the definitive moneymaker. It is a draw and a differentiator on your website, and it will make for a great addition to your rental fleet that will be sure to set you apart, or turn your venue into the ultimate destination.

We know you want to stand out from the competition, and we are always here to help you do just that. eInflatables has been in business for 20 years, and is the largest US manufacturer of inflatables, and the world leader in inflatable waterslides. And we offer our customers the best warranty in the industry – a full two years!

Now, with the 42’ Blue Crush Run and Splash Combo, you can offer your customers variety and excitement with the safest products available in the inflatables industry. Unique products like this one will set your company apart.

Want to see how the 42’ Blue Crush Run and Splash Combo works? Check out our videos to see this unit and many of our other incredible units in action.

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