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The One of a Kind Bullseye™ Shooting Gallery! | Video

We’re so excited to introduce the Bullseye™ Shooting Gallery, a new unit for 2014! This unit is the ONLY inflatable electronic shooting gallery on the market, which makes it a highly innovative and entertaining unit for all who use it.


This interactive inflatable allows two users to compete against one another for 60 seconds at a time for the best score! Each target contains lights that blink in a random sequence to keep players on their toes for a thrilling match. Players will only score points when the lit target is hit within two seconds, and when a target is hit, an amusing noise erupts in the gallery! While the players are competing, an electronic score is displayed across the top for an easy way to determine the current score.


The unit comes in two clever themes that are popular among children: cowboy and pirate. You won’t have to worry about paint or the mess that comes with paint with this unit, as the Bullseye ™ Shooting Gallery is equipped with a unique paintless paintball marker system.

For more information on this unit, visit page 45 of our catalog, or view the unit on our website. You can also contact one of our knowledgeable sales executives at 1-800-569-0719 for more information, or feel free to send us a message