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Why You Should Start An Inflatable Rental Business

 Why You Should Start An Inflatable Rental Business 

America is a wonderful place to become a business owner. In this nation, you have the opportunity to start a business and instantly build credibility. If you’re looking to be your own boss, sell entertainment and make bank, the inflatable rental business may be the perfect fit for you!

One of the great things about the inflatable rental industry is that you can start making money right away even if you have minimal capital to start with. A $5,000 to $10,000 investment may be all you need to make your money back in as little time as two weeks. Moreover, in this business, you can make an astonishing return on your investment … a whole 30 percent! That is unheard of in most industries.



Think it is too good to be true? Let’s get into the percentage breakdowns.

  • Revenue – 100 percent
  • Labor – 25 percent
  • Fuel – 5 percent
  • Office – 8 percent
  • Insurance – 5 percent
  • Storage – 8 percent
  • Advertising– 8 percent
  • Miscellaneous – 11 percent

Total: 70 percent


As you can see, the return in this industry is the best in the world! And remember, when you are just beginning, your office and storage overhead costs will be much lower, because you’ll be operating out of your home base.

As an inflatable business owner, you get to sell entertainment, fun, and joy. Do you know many people who can say they do that for a living? You’ll get to watch children and families have a blast at some of the most important events of their lives. Not only do you get to make a profit, but you also get to make a difference, which will make you feel like you’re doing something worthwhile. People will remember your units and your services for years to come, which is a wonderful way to create a legacy for yourself.

In the grand scheme of things, it is very easy to begin an inflatable rental business, and over time, it can grow into an enduring business if you can learn to effectively sell your products and services. However, while this business may look like it is all fun and games, (and most of it is!) you’ll need to be realistic and remember that this business also requires hard work – a lot of it. You’ll have to give up your weekends and holidays. You’ll also have to have the physical stamina needed to deliver your inflatable units, roll them up and out, and clean them on a frequent basis.

If you can do all of this, then you’ll be on the right path to become successful and stay successful. This industry has the tendency to screen out the lazy, which makes it easier for people like you to grow and to last.

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