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Helpful Accessory Items For Your Business

Helpful Accessory Items For Your Business

When operating an inflatable rental business, it is important to have a few key accessory items on hand. Accessory items are the name given to the extra pieces that typically give your customers a better experience with inflatable games or interactive units.

You should consider adding the items below to your accessory items inventory to help you operate your inflatable rental business more efficiently.

Extra Game Accessories

If you’ve purchased sport or interactive game units, you’ll likely have balls, boxing gloves and helmets to look after. It’s always smart to order extras of these items, as they can become easily lost over time. You’ll want to avoid putting yourself in a situation where you aren’t able to rent out your units because you’re waiting on an order of accessories. Moreover, game accessories can become worn after repeated use, so it’s good to have extras on hand when that time arrives.

Slide Covers

After repeated use and over time, your slide covers on your inflatable units may become worn. You’ll want to keep a close eye on your slide covers so that you can replace them before they can no longer be used.

Keep in mind that dry slide covers tend to wear down faster than water slide covers. The reason behind this is that more friction takes place on the dry slide covers, especially since riders on dry slides wear heavier clothing like jeans and sweaters. With water, there is less friction, and since riders are wearing swimsuits on water slides, this helps the water slide covers last a bit longer.

You’ll also want to keep a close eye on your other inflatable unit covers, such as the cover over the steps, and the pool liners. All eInflatables covers can be simply removed and replaced for easy upkeep.

Storage Bags

Because you’ll be busy shuffling to and from rental bookings, your equipment, and especially your game accessories, can easily become damaged if they aren’t properly protected. To avoid this, you should invest in quality storage bags that are large enough to hold your game accessories securely. Storage bags with rings and nylon straps across the top are best for long-term use. If you notice your bags are becoming torn in places, it is wise to replace them or repair them as soon as you notice the damage, as you’ll want to avoid situations where the accessories can spill and become lost or impaired.

Keep this list of accessory items handy, and review it every time you order a new unit. It is important to have all the items necessary to keep your units running smoothly and effectively.

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