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Transportation For Your Inflatable Rental Units


Your vehicle will be an important element to your inflatable rental business, as they will become your trusted means to get you and your units safely to and from events. As a result, you’ll want to be sure to choose a vehicle that will serve you well throughout your years in this business.

When you are just beginning, a classic pickup truck is always a great option to consider. As your business expands, you may want to look into adding a trailer to your truck, or consider using a box truck.

Here are some helpful tips to consider when choosing your vehicle:

Pickup truck

When looking for a pickup truck, it wise to choose one that has an open bed (a Ford F-150 is a great starter option) and a lift gate.

A lift gate will make your life much easier as you deliver your units. With a lift gate, you can put your unit in at a 90-degree angle, and flip the unit straight into the truck bed. You can then secure it afterwards with tie downs.

As your business expands, you can look into purchasing a trailer with a ramp that you can latch onto your truck. This way, you can add more storage space without purchasing another vehicle. However, don’t think you can use your trailer as a storage unit for your inflatables. It should only be used for delivering your units, as you don’t want to expose your inflatable units to theft. Remember to always use an enclosed trailer with a lock in order to prevent theft.

Cargo vans

Cargo vans are also an option for you to consider, but they are a little more difficult to utilize than trucks are. The reason for this is that inflatable units are harder to get into a van, since you can’t slide them in as easily as you can in a truck with a lift gate.

If you choose a cargo van, choose one with a large and open cargo area, as this will make it easier for you to use.

Box trucks

Once your business takes off and you find you need more room to deliver several units, you can look into a box truck. Box trucks are reliable modes of transportation that provide ample space to transport several units at once.

No matter what type of vehicle you choose, you should always regularly maintain it. Make sure to get routine oil changes and other maintenance services as necessary. Keep in mind that you’ll need to invest in good tires no matter which vehicle you choose, as you’ll be covering a good amount of distance throughout your time in this business. Lastly, remember to always secure your units with tie downs, as this helps to protect the driver and the units themselves.

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