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Necessary Supplies for Your Business

Necessary Supplies for Your Business

Once you’ve purchased your first inflatable units, you’ll be eager to start renting them out. But before you do, there is additional equipment that will allow you to run your rental business more effectively.

Here are a few of the standard supplies and equipment that you should consider adding to your arsenal.

Hand Trucks/Dollies

Lifting heavy inflatable units over and over again can cause you undue physical wear and tear. A solid hand truck or dolly will serve you well throughout your years in business. Be sure to purchase a dolly that is made to carry the weight of the units you’ll be using it for. Using a dolly to carry weight it was not meant to handle could place you or those around you in danger, so don’t try to cut corners on this important purchase. Keep in mind that you may need a bigger dolly or a hand truck for larger units. For smaller units, you can usually find the dolly you are looking for at home improvement stores.

When looking for a dolly, choose one that has metal fenders. This will help to prevent the inflatable unit from rubbing against the wheels of the dolly as it is being transported.

When using your dolly, remember to… place heavier objects on the bottom, and balance the load over the axles. Make sure to push the dolly (don’t pull it), and use your leg muscles (not your back muscles) to place the dolly in motion. Also make sure your loads are low enough so that you can see clearly in front of yourself at all times.

Weighting Systems

Weighting systems are very important, and need to be properly installed each and every time you set up an inflatable. Because weighting systems vary from unit to unit, and from manufacturer to manufacturer, it is important to follow the directions for anchoring your inflatable units as carefully as possible. Always bring your weighting systems to each event, and invest in a well-constructed bag to store them in. Regardless of what weighting system you use, you should always have extra stakes and sandbags ready.

Ground Covers

You wouldn’t place a highly valued item on the ground without protection, and your inflatable units should be viewed no differently. The value of your business depends on them! When you place your units on a ground cover made of a quality material, like vinyl, it will save you from experiencing unnecessary rips and holes, and will help your inflatables last longer. When using a water unit, however, you’ll need to use a ground cover made of canvas, as vinyl becomes very slippery when wet. A good ground cover won’t be inexpensive, but it is a wise investment that you won’t regret.

Cleaning Supplies

You should make it a habit to clean your inflatables before taking them down, but in case you don’t, or if a spill occurs, it is always a great idea to have a supply of cleaning products ready. After all, it never looks good for your customers to be greeted with mud, dust, or dirt when they enter your unit!

Keep a squirt bottle handy made of 80 percent water, 10 percent bleach, and 10 percent of a degreaser like Simple Green. You can use this solution to spot clean your units, and keep a supply of old rags to wipe down any messes. It’s also smart to include a vacuum and a broom in your collection of cleaning items. It takes a lot of stress off you when you’re prepared to handle any messes that pop up. Keeping your units clean is another way to provide excellent customer service.

Repair Kits

Your units should have been shipped to you with repair kits, but if they weren’t, purchase one and keep it on hand at every event. The ability to patch up small tears onsite, if necessary, will provide you with the ability to keep your units up and running smoothly – you won’t have to worry about taking the unit down and losing income. When choosing a repair kit, keep in mind that vinyl kits work best.

As your business grows, you will probably find other items that are helpful to have on hand, so that you are prepared for any situation that arises on-site. This list will help get you started, but be sure to add supplies that are helpful to you as you go.

If you have any more questions about setting up or growing your business, feel free to contact our experienced sales executives. We’ll be happy to help you. You can reach us by calling 1-800-569-0719, or by sending us a message.