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Purchasing Inflatable Units: New vs. Used

There is a lot of decision-making that goes into purchasing a bounce house for sale or other inflatable units. After all, your units are the backbone of your business, and you’ll want to choose ones that will not only serve you well, but that will represent your business well. Before you make a purchase, it’s important to compare the quality, construction, and safety features of each, as they will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. You’ll also want to consider the pros and cons of purchasing new vs. used inflatable units before sales are made final.

Let’s explore the positives and the negatives of buying new vs. used inflatable units.

Purchasing new units

Pros: Although it will vary with usage and upkeep, a well-made unit designed with quality in mind will likely last longer than a used unit. Usage plays a large role in determining the lifespan of an inflatable unit, so if you are looking to purchase a unit that will last several years, purchasing a new unit is the way to go.

Another plus to purchasing a new unit is that it comes with a manual and a manufacturer warranty. New units are also much safer than used units.

Cons:  A new unit will cost you more money, and you may not be able to purchase as many as you’d like at once.

Purchasing used units

Pros: Purchasing a used unit is less of a financial burden, and you may be able to afford several purchases at once.

Cons: It’s important to remember that in general, a warranty isn’t transferable, so when you purchase a used unit, you run the risk of operating a unit with no warranty.

Moreover, it is important to keep in mind that there is usually a reason why someone is looking to sell a used inflatable unit. You may never know what the real reason is, and even if the inflatable unit looks practically new from the outside, there could be problems with the unit internally that you may not notice until it is rented. Additionally, if the unit was made overseas, you run the risk of not knowing who the manufacturer is, as the manufacturer name is likely no where to be found on the unit.

As you can see, when you weigh and consider your options, purchasing a new inflatable unit carries long-term advantages. Although there is more of an upfront expense, it is the wisest decision in terms of safety, quality, and unit longevity.

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