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Safety First With eInflatable Units

Safety First With eInflatable Units


Whether you’ve been in the inflatables rental business for years, or are just starting to build your company, there’s no doubt that safety is foremost on your mind when choosing units to add to your fleet.

Children of all ages will experience excitement and joy while using your units at some of the happiest events of their lives. Knowing this, you’ll want to be sure that you are doing everything you can to provide your customers with the safest inflatables possible.

As a leader in safety, here are some important safety features on our different inflatable units.

Safety Ramps

To ensure that the kids get in and out safely, we include safety ramps on all of our inflatable bouncers. Our safety ramp is a true ramp with side bumpers to ensure the kids get in and out safely (unlike a steep ramp, where kids can play on it, and possibly slide onto the ground and onto others, because the entrance ramp is made more like a bouncer).


Our steps are made out of PVC and vinyl, and the rungs double as a handle to grab onto when kids are climbing up. You never see side tethers or a rope down the middle for kids to grab onto. We consider these to be very dangerous. When it is done this way, kids have a tendency to lean back, and if they slip, they will fall headfirst. With our steps, kids are forced to lean forward and grab the rungs as they climb up. This way, if they slip, they will fall feet first. They are also fully replaceable if they wear out.

Slide Covers

Our inflatable water slide covers are Velcro-secured to the top of the sliding lane (not below), to ensure that the kids will not become scraped by the Velcro. They are also fully replaceable if they wear out.

Our inflatable dry slides are designed so kids can’t stand up at the top of the slide, and so they cannot jump down the slide. In other words, they are forced to sit. We also attach a non-jump safety screen as well to ensure this. All slides are fully enclosed to prevent the kids from sliding down anywhere but in the proper sliding lane. Additionally, our units include a mesh screen in the area where the kids climb up so that they are protected.

Blower Flap

All of our units have a blower flap on the inner part of the air tube. When the blower is on, the air flap opens, which allows the inflatable to inflate. In case of an emergency (such as a loss of power), the flap automatically closes, which then causes the air to release slowly, allowing the kids to slide down and exit the unit safely.

Non-Slip Material

Many of our customers have informed us that they wanted to use our combo units wet, but when vinyl gets wet it is very slippery. Our new inflatable non-slip wet N’ dry combo units and non-slip wet N’ dry obstacle combo units use cutting-edge, non-slip material on both the entrance ramp and on the jumping and running mattress. This will ensure that the kids will not slip when the unit is wet. When used dry, it’s just like regular vinyl.


Multiple tethers are attached to all units so that you can safely secure the inflatable with sand bags or stakes. All of our units are made out of 18-ounce commercial grade vinyl, and are double-stitched with reinforcement strips on all the seams. We only use lead-free vinyl, and no latex is used in any of our vinyl. We reinforce all of our baffles and stress points to ensure that the unit will hold up.

As a bonus to the several safety features included on our eInflatable units, we also supply a user manual specific to the unit you buy. Most other manufactures just give a general manual, if one at all.

As a business owner, there are certain mistakes you’ll want to avoid, and skipping safety features in order to purchase a cheaper unit is one of them. Be careful not to create more problems for yourself by buying poor quality products. Because referrals are so important in the inflatables rental business, you’ll want to put your best foot forward, and make the best first impression. This will help you grow your business for years to come.

If you’d like more details about the safety features offered on our units, or want information about how you can finance your first inflatable unit purchase, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-569-0719. We’re always happy to help. If e-mailing is more convenient for you, drop us a message via our site.