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3 Ways To Get Your Inflatable Business Booked For Company Picnics

How many times have you had a friend say they can’t hang out on Saturday because they have a work event? With so many companies that want to show their employees they are appreciated, company picnics are a great revenue source for owners of inflatable units!

The most popular season for company picnics is June through October when the weather is warm. In parts of the country where weather is an issue, these five months provide the best option for having a fun outside event for staff.

As a current or potential inflatable business owner you can capitalize on this season in the following ways:

Network Often


More often than not, you know a few people who work for large companies. Connect with these people to let them know you are running an inflatable business. Send them your business cards and product information. Ask them if their company hosts a picnic and if they could put you in contact with the event organizer.

You should also attend business-networking events to meet more potential clients. If a networking event has an opportunity to set up a table, bring your collateral. Remember to be prepared to talk about how an inflatable unit can enhance a corporate event.

Offer Promotions


Evaluate your current marketing collateral arsenal and determine if you can utilize past promotional materials for corporate accounts. If you need to create new collateral, create something that is universal no matter what industry you are going after. Offer an ongoing promotion for the company, such as 20 percent off the annual picnic to encourage them to book every year. For the first event, throw in extra rental hours or special features for good measure.


Purchase Ad Space


Does your community have a newspaper or trade publications? Research publications that corporate leaders and event planners would be reading. Look for publications that are industry specific trade magazines or general local business journals. Reach out to their advertising departments regarding ad rates. Many publications will offer lower rates when you purchase more than one ad placement. Place an advertisement at the beginning of the season and midway through to increase your chances of being booked for a company picnic.

Company picnics are great opportunities to increase your summer business earnings. They also provide great exposure to the employees who may need to book an inflatable company for a personal event. Be sure to have plenty of onsite marketing collateral available to drive future business.

If you have any questions about growing your inflatable business or purchasing new vs. old units, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-569-0719, or send us a message.