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How to Take Advantage of Public Relations for Your Inflatable Rental Business

A lot of small businesses underestimate the importance of good public relations (PR). Public relations is often much cheaper than traditional advertising, and when done correctly, can be more effective. If you’re looking to reduce marketing costs and build a relationship with potential buyers, public relations is a useful tool.

Your Options

PR is often defined by a positive presence in the community. You have a few ways of getting your name out there, but make sure it’s always good news! You can create a press release to announce company news and accomplishments, or, try hosting your own promotional event to build relationships and introduce yourself to the neighborhood.

Already have some satisfied customers? Consider collecting testimonials. Positive feedback provides a ripple effect – attracting more clients! If you can post some of your customers’ reviews on your website or social media channels, it will give you credibility.

In case you’re still hesitant about getting your feet wet in the PR department, try a good old-fashioned charity event! Offer your services to a local event, fundraiser, or school charity for free in order to get your name out there.

Moderation, Moderation, Moderation

Particularly with press releases, you don’t want to be seen as overly promotional or

tooting your own horn. Don’t write one for every single event you are a part of, or

issue them too frequently, as this may do more harm to your image than good. Use

them sparingly throughout the year to highlight any charity events you sponsor or

community awards or recognitions you receive. Spread out your content and cover

only the most significant accomplishments.

Similarly, when participating in charity events, remember the purpose of the event!

Stay humble and keep an open dialogue between you and the customers. You can

advertise later – this is about being a member of the community and leaving a

positive impression of your company. Customers will remember your good

intentions longer than the traditional advertising spiel.

Make an Impression

One of the most important elements of PR is your local relevance. Why do members

of the community care about your business? Develop a specific message to describe

your business, and make yourself unique. You don’t want anyone to think of your

area without thinking of you!

You might also want to try writing about the organizations your company supports.

This can give your reputation a boost in the community as a contributive presence.

If you harness it right, PR can be an effective alternative to advertising – and it might

just take you farther! Building up your company reputation in the community can

foster long-lasting respect and appreciation. Devote some time to thinking about

which strategies will work for your business, and get started!