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Types of Inflatable Units

Types of Inflatable Units

There are numerous types of inflatable units available on the market today. With so many to choose from, it can be an overwhelming task to decipher which unit will work best for your inflatable rental business. In the most basic sense, inflatable units tend to fall into one of five categories:

Let’s take a deeper look into these different types.

Moon Bouncers & Combos

Moon bouncers (or bouncers) are one of the most recognizable of all inflatable units. These jumpers come in a multitude of themes, from princess to racecar to season and holiday specific. Moon bouncers are the units that started the inflatable rental business, and they are the least expensive way to get started in the industry.

However, because the industry has progressed and changed so much, you’ll want to think about choosing units that can offer your customers the most fun and excitement, because there are a ton of interactive inflatable units available today. A great first unit to start with is a combo unit, because it combines a traditional moon bouncer with a slide and/or other interactive elements for added fun. Find out more about inflatable combo units.

Mini Combos and Play Centers

Mini combos are perfect for children between the ages of three and seven years. They also can add a lot of value for inflatable business owners who operate in the Midwest or on the East Coast, as they are less than eight feet tall. Their height allows them to be used indoors in garages, basements, attics, and the like. Since they take up less space, they can also be placed in a living or a dining area, with some simple furniture maneuvering. Another added benefit to mini combos is that they can cater to children who have birthdays in the winter months, since they don’t have the option of having an inflatable unit set up outside for their party. Moreover, you can keep your business moving in the slower winter months with a mini combo.

Mini combos are light, and can be easily transported in the backseat of a car. You can market these units to local preschools and daycare centers in your area, as they can easily fit inside a classroom. It is not uncommon to rent these units out to a school for the entire school week, and then have them back in time for the weekend to rent them to birthday parties. By doing this, you can make your money back on the unit in two to three weeks.

Like mini combos, play centers are units that are to be used indoors. These units have interactive components to them in addition to a bouncer portion, such as slides and obstacles for hours of added fun. They are perfect for indoor and family entertainment centers.


Inflatable slides can come in a variety of options: dry, wet, or wet and dry. These types of slides are all designed differently according to their use, and they are being demanded more and more by customers. Keep in mind that a dry slide has no hump or turn. A wet slide can have humps and turns, as water makes this possible.

Slides provide lots of excitement and long-lasting enjoyment, and they can be used as pay-per-play at a variety of events. Taller slides are thrilling to many, and with dual lanes, kids find a ton of excitement in racing side by side. There is a lot of value in adding inflatable slides to your inventory.

If you’re unsure of what type of inflatable slide to add to your fleet, it may be wise to begin with one that can be used wet or dry, as they can be used all year round. With a wet or dry unit, you can rent the slide as a water slide in the summer, and as a dry slide in the cooler months. This makes it easy to rent season after season. Wet and dry slides typically come as two pieces: the slide itself, and a detachable pool or landing mattress.

Obstacle Courses

Obstacle courses are terrific units that put a unique spin on the typical inflatable. They can include jumping areas in addition to ladders, slides, pop-ups, and other obstacles for an amusing time that is athletic, fun, and different. There are also obstacle courses with dual lanes that provide the ability for children to race one another side by side.

There are two types of obstacle courses available. The first type has an entrance in the front, and an exit in the back. These types are great for pay-per-pay, as it makes it easy to know who has finished, and who can enter next.  The second kind has a start and finish in the front. This is also known as a 360-degree combo. This type of obstacle course provides a great way for chaperones and/or parents to keep an eye on kids, since the kids enter and exit the unit in the same way.

Interactive and Inflatable Games

Interactive and inflatable games provide thrilling entertainment for your customers, especially the sports enthusiasts. These units are great for the competitive bunch, and can add a lot of value to numerous types of events.

Interactive and inflatable games can be used for boxing, jousting, volleyball, soccer, basketball and so much more. This category of inflatables also includes units such as exhilarating zip lines and inflatable shooting galleries.

And there you have it! The different types of inflatable units explained. Take some time to review the different categories in more detail, and decide which units will work best for you depending on your budget, geographic region, and target audience.