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Purchasing Inflatable Units for School And Church Events

Summer is winding down, and the first day of fall will be here before you know it. With this change in seasons, comes all the hustle and bustle of children being back in school and the holidays.


Many schools and churches will soon start gearing up for family-friendly events. These functions can range from back-to-school nights to Halloween parties and Thanksgiving carnivals. Organizers for these functions have a number of things to think about when planning these special events, however purchasing an inflatable unit for an annual event should be an easy decision.


Here are four things to consider when selecting an inflatable unit for your school or church functions:




Many educational and religions organizations have limited budgets. With these budget constraints, the event organizer must always keep the cost of entertainment as low as possible. Look at the numbers before you start to browse the various inflatable product options. You will want to make sure you stay within your  budget. Don’t overpromise and under deliver when it comes to the type of unit(s) you will have at events.




Identifying the location for your inflatable unit(s) should be the next step. Survey the school or church site and make sure there is sufficient surface area and access to electricity to operate the unit you select. You also will need to indentify a location to store the unit when not in use.




While there are many inflatable units available for events, keep the theme in mind when selecting a unit. Will it be the same theme every year? Will your event colors be different? Or does your school have a mascot that a theme could be generated around? This will create a more professional appearance and let’s face it, a fun atmosphere! For example, if your annual harvest festival is fall sports themed you will want to look for units that include sports like football and colors that match the season.


Participant Ages


The age range for school and church functions is usually wider than it would be for a birthday party or a family party. With these varied ages of participants, it’s imperative that you keep your units age-appropriate.  Finding units that appeal to many ages will be important. This will ensure that everyone is safe, having a wonderful time and that you can use the units year after year.


As you can see there are many things to consider when selecting an inflatable unit as an event organizer for a school or church. By following these guidelines, you will be making a great investment for your organization and participants will be eager to come back next year to play in the inflatable unit(s).


If you have any questions about our inflatable unit options, financing and availability, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-569-0719, or send us a message.