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Equipment Maintenance

Equipment Maintenance

Inflatable units bring a lot of joy to customers and, as a result, they can become worn if they are not properly maintained. Your inflatable units are the backbone of your business, so you’ll want to do everything you can to protect your investment.

 Here are some tips for properly maintaining your units. 


Use ground covers

Ground covers may seem like an unnecessary extra load to carry around, but make no mistake about it, these covers will save you a lot of headache in the long run. When laid out properly, ground covers increase the longevity of your units by protecting them from rips and tears. A vinyl tarp works best for dry units. For wet units, you’ll want to use a canvas tarp, as vinyl becomes very slippery when wet.

Set a cleaning schedule

With the heavy amount of use your inflatable units will get week after week, it is wise for you to stick to a cleaning schedule on a weekly-basis, or even a twice-weekly basis for highly rented units. Keep in mind that this cleaning schedule does not eliminate the need for the basic cleaning that you should do before and after your inflatables are used. At a minimum, this should include some sweeping and wiping.

During your weekly cleaning sessions, you should inflate your units and…

  • Use a blower to remove leaves and debris
  • Spot clean with a cleaning solution in a squirt bottle comprised of 80 percent water, 10 percent bleach, and 10 percent of a degreaser like Simple Green. You and your drivers should keep this solution handy along with cleaning rags at all times.
  • Allow the units to dry thoroughly before rolling and storing them

If you find your units to be really dirty, you may need to give them more of a deep cleaning by hosing them out.

This cleaning schedule will help prevent the premature retirement of your units. Remember that vinyl, the material that largely makes up your inflatable units, is also very sensitive to elements such as grass, mud, gum, food, silly string, and any sort of liquid. As soon as you spot these messes on one of your units, do everything you can to clean it out (the squirt bottle solution should help!)

Protect yourself against mold

Mold is the enemy of your units. Mold needs two things to thrive: moisture and lack of oxygen.

Once mold has grown in your unit, it is next to impossible to get rid of it. An electric hot water pressure washer may help if your mold is in the early stages, but because mold grows on the scrim first – a layer beneath the vinyl – it is very difficult to remove.

Don’t let the possibility of mold growth scare you into not adding water units to your inventory. In this business, you’ll likely need to add water units to your fleet in order to stay competitive. If you regularly maintain your units and let them dry completely before you roll and store them, you can put yourself in a great position to combat mold.

Remember, your inflatable units are what keep your business in motion, so take the time to take care of them. Cleaning them is very important, especially in preventing mold growth.

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