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15 Side Exits (Same Platform as 20 Slide)

ALL SLIDE FEATURES 1. Removable slide surface sheets. 2. Removable step walkway. 3. Removable entrance/exit mats. 4. No-jump safety mesh at top. 5. Dual side inflation tubes with covers. 6. Multiple deflation quick release zippers. 7. Reinforcement strips on all seams. 8. Double reinforced stitching on all seams. 9. Highest quality craftsmanship and materials. 10. Instruction booklet for safe installations. Our 16' Mini Slide is perfect for birthday parties and smaller events. You get all the fun of our bigger slides but in a smaller package.

Model W x L x H unit lb
304   13 x 25 x 15 420
304-SLIDE_LINER   Replacement Set of Slide Liners