22 Tropical Dual Lane Slide

Our 22' Tropical Dual Lane Slide features a radical sliding angle that's sure to get the adrenaline pumping as riders scream down to the bottom. As with all of our slides, the entire top of the slide is meshed in to prevent anyone from standing or jumping down the slide. This slide can also be converted to a hair-raising Water Slide by connecting it to either our Run 'N' Splash Tropical 2 Lane Slide or our Run 'N' Slide Tropical 2 Lane Slide. See catalog for more details. (WARNING: This slide CANNOT be used as a water slide unless it is attached to our a Run 'N' Splash #619 or Run 'N' Slide #616.)

Cart or Quote Model W x L x H unit lb Price Sale Price
625   25 x 13 x 22 475 $4,495.00 $4,135.00
625-SLIDE_LINER   Replacement Set of Slide Liners $525.00


What's Included