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How to Get Reviews for Your Inflatable Rental Business on Social Media

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2014-11-20 13:08:23

These days, consumers do a lot of research about products and services online, and building up more reviews for your inflatable rental business can help bring in more customers. You know you have satisfied customers, but how do you get them to go the extra mile and leave you a review online?   Yelp Make sure you have a Yelp account set up with your business profile filled out completely. You can add lots of information to the listing – including hours of operation, general cost of your services, location details, photos, and more. This gives potential customers access to your business and lets them know you take your presence on social media platforms seriously. After your Yelp profile is set up, tell your existing customers about it! Asking people to give you reviews can be pushy or off-putting, but gently reminding them you have a platform online can be helpful. You can try saying, “look for us on Yelp” or “did you hear about us on Yelp, by chance?” to get the message

How to Use Email Marketing for Your Inflatable Rental Business

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2014-12-04 12:42:47

If you want to take the next step in your marketing plan, you might consider email marketing programs to help  grow your inflatable rental business. It can be more effective than just using social media sites and can reach a larger pool of potential clients. To see if email marketing is right for your business, read on! Setting a BudgetEmail marketing software usually charges for use. Some services have a flat monthly fee and others are pay-as-you-go. If you’re thinking about using email marketing to grow your business, compare prices and find something that works for your budget. If you don’t think you will use the service too often, a pay-as-you-go plan would be best. If you intend to blast emails to clients on a weekly or more frequent basis, a monthly rate might be a better value. Compare and contrast plans with your intentions in mind.Choosing a ProgramThere are tons of mass-mailing services available on the web. Each offers a different price range and type of

How to Take Advantage of Public Relations for Your Inflatable Rental Business

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2014-12-11 12:33:52

A lot of small businesses underestimate the importance of good public relations (PR). Public relations is often much cheaper than traditional advertising, and when done correctly, can be more effective. If you’re looking to reduce marketing costs and build a relationship with potential buyers, public relations is a useful tool.   Your Options PR is often defined by a positive presence in the community. You have a few ways of getting your name out there, but make sure it’s always good news! You can create a press release to announce company news and accomplishments, or, try hosting your own promotional event to build relationships and introduce yourself to the neighborhood.   Already have some satisfied customers? Consider collecting testimonials. Positive feedback provides a ripple effect – attracting more clients! If you can post some of your customers’ reviews on your website or social media channels, it will give you credibility.   In case you’re stil