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Starting an inflatable business

Structuring An Event Planning Form For Your Inflatable Business 2014-10-02 1:45:42

Booking and planning fantastic events is the cornerstone of your inflatable rental business! Without generating leads, solidifying contracts and carefully planning the logistics of the event, your business would cease to exist. As ...

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Performing Initial Research For Your Inflatable Business 2014-09-12 11:39:02

Making the decision to start an inflatable rental business is a big deal and very exciting. The industry is booming, as more and more private party throwers and companies rent inflatable units to ...

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Website Considerations for Your Inflatable Business 2014-07-29 1:50:52

Your website is one of the most important tools for marketing your inflatable rental business. Nowadays, your customers will likely begin their search for an inflatable rental company online. As a result, your ...

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Inflatable Rental Business Mistakes to Avoid 2014-07-22 1:26:30

When launching any sort of business, it is easy to fall into certain traps and make a few mistakes here and there. It can pay off to become organized in terms of your ...

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Introducing Our Starter Business Packages! 2014-07-17 9:59:25

Introducing Our Starter Business Packages! If you’re looking to begin your fleet with more than one unit, but would like a package discount, than our new starter business packages are a great option ...

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Jumpstart Your Inflatable Rental Business 2014-07-10 1:16:35

Jumpstart Your Inflatable Rental Business Here at eInflatables, we’re lucky to have the best jobs in the world. We sell excitement, and that is exactly what motivates us each and every day to ...

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Branding and Marketing Basics 2014-07-08 12:55:32

Branding and Marketing Basics   Every enduring business has effectively created a brand and a strategy to achieve success. It is best to do the same for your inflatable rental business. When it ...

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Necessary Supplies for Your Business 2014-07-02 11:39:28

Necessary Supplies for Your Business Once you’ve purchased your first inflatable units, you’ll be eager to start renting them out. But before you do, there is additional equipment that will allow you to ...

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Insurance for your Inflatable Rental Business 2014-07-01 9:43:46

Insurance   Typically speaking, there are three different types of insurance that you’ll need to properly operate your inflatable rental business. The different types are liability, worker’s compensation, and property insurance. For the ...

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Transportation For Your Inflatable Rental Units 2014-06-19 3:28:07

Transportation Your vehicle will be an important element to your inflatable rental business, as they will become your trusted means to get you and your units safely to and from events. As a ...

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