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Types of Events You Can Rent Your Inflatable Services To

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2014-05-27 14:09:53

Types of Events You Can Rent Your Inflatable Services To   In this industry, you get to sell excitement, fun and entertainment for a living … how cool is that? Because of this, you have the opportunity to sell your services to a TON of events. Everyone is always looking to make the special events in his/her life more memorable. That is where your business can come in and make a huge impact.   You can sell your services to any type of event there is. That may include, but is certainly not limited to, birthday parties, grand openings, festivals, church events, corporate events, block parties, campgrounds, pumpkin patches, fairs, promotional events, BBQs and even wedding and baby showers!   Typically, 80 percent of business owners who are just beginning an inflatable rental business will cater to backyard birthday parties. Backyard birthday parties are great events to target for a variety of reasons:  Firstly, there are neighborhood birthday parties that take place every

Why You Should Start An Inflatable Rental Business

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2014-06-03 10:22:55

 Why You Should Start An Inflatable Rental Business  America is a wonderful place to become a business owner. In this nation, you have the opportunity to start a business and instantly build credibility. If you’re looking to be your own boss, sell entertainment and make bank, the inflatable rental business may be the perfect fit for you!   One of the great things about the inflatable rental industry is that you can start making money right away even if you have minimal capital to start with. A $5,000 to $10,000 investment may be all you need to make your money back in as little time as two weeks. Moreover, in this business, you can make an astonishing return on your investment … a whole 30 percent! That is unheard of in most industries.  Think it is too good to be true? Let’s get into the percentage breakdowns.Revenue – 100 percent Labor – 25 percent Fuel – 5 percent Office – 8 percent Insurance – 5 percent Storage – 8 percent Advertising–

Shipwreck™ 37 Feet Tall Figure Eight Water Slide | Video

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2014-06-05 11:31:57

One of our new units for 2014 is one of the fastest and most electrifying inflatable water slides ever created! The exhilarating Shipwreck™ Water Slide is a three-piece unit that is shaped like a figure eight for a heart racing good time. The slide is thirty-seven feet tall and has dual lanes, which allows for riders to race each other for added excitement and excellent throughput. Watch it in action here!Don't hesitate to contact us at 1-800-569-0719, or send us a message with any questions you may have about this unit or any of our other products. We're always happy to help!

Setting Your Business Up for Success

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2014-06-10 14:07:49

Setting Your Business Up for Success In order to be successful in any business, you’ll need to be organized and disciplined. In this new age of the smartphone, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that you can work and schedule bookings from anywhere. Forget about it! You need to set up a proper office where you can work away from the distractions of family, friends, TV and the fridge. If you do, you’ll be more organized and will be able to take advantage of the opportunities that come your way.    There are a variety of factors that go into setting up a home office. Let’s get into some specifics.   Office Space Your office is the hub of your business. This is where you will answer phone calls, book rentals and communicate to your employees. When you’re just beginning your inflatable rental business, it makes the most sense to set up a home office. A home office is extremely cost-effective, and when set up properly, you can accomplish the same tasks as you

Helpful Accessory Items For Your Business

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2014-06-12 09:35:06

Helpful Accessory Items For Your Business   When operating an inflatable rental business, it is important to have a few key accessory items on hand. Accessory items are the name given to the extra pieces that typically give your customers a better experience with inflatable games or interactive units.   You should consider adding the items below to your accessory items inventory to help you operate your inflatable rental business more efficiently.  Extra Game Accessories If you’ve purchased sport or interactive game units, you’ll likely have balls, boxing gloves and helmets to look after. It’s always smart to order extras of these items, as they can become easily lost over time. You’ll want to avoid putting yourself in a situation where you aren’t able to rent out your units because you’re waiting on an order of accessories. Moreover, game accessories can become worn after repeated use, so it’s good to have extras on hand when that time arrives.   Slide Co

Types of Inflatable Units

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2014-06-17 09:20:41

Types of Inflatable Units There are numerous types of inflatable units available on the market today. With so many to choose from, it can be an overwhelming task to decipher which unit will work best for your inflatable rental business. In the most basic sense, inflatable units tend to fall into one of five categories:Moon bouncers and combos  Mini combos and play centers Slides (dry, wet, and wet & dry)  Obstacle courses Interactive and inflatable games. Let’s take a deeper look into these different types.   Moon Bouncers & Combos Moon bouncers (or bouncers) are one of the most recognizable of all inflatable units. These jumpers come in a multitude of themes, from princess to racecar to season and holiday specific. Moon bouncers are the units that started the inflatable rental business, and they are the least expensive way to get started in the industry.   However, because the industry has progressed and changed so much, you’ll want to think about c

Transportation For Your Inflatable Rental Units

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2014-06-19 15:28:59

Transportation Your vehicle will be an important element to your inflatable rental business, as they will become your trusted means to get you and your units safely to and from events. As a result, you’ll want to be sure to choose a vehicle that will serve you well throughout your years in this business.  When you are just beginning, a classic pickup truck is always a great option to consider. As your business expands, you may want to look into adding a trailer to your truck, or consider using a box truck.   Here are some helpful tips to consider when choosing your vehicle:   Pickup truck When looking for a pickup truck, it wise to choose one that has an open bed (a Ford F-150 is a great starter option) and a lift gate.   A lift gate will make your life much easier as you deliver your units. With a lift gate, you can put your unit in at a 90-degree angle, and flip the unit straight into the truck bed. You can then secure it afterwards with tie downs.   As your bus

Equipment Maintenance

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2014-06-23 14:01:39

Equipment Maintenance Inflatable units bring a lot of joy to customers and, as a result, they can become worn if they are not properly maintained. Your inflatable units are the backbone of your business, so you’ll want to do everything you can to protect your investment. Here are some tips for properly maintaining your units. Use ground covers Ground covers may seem like an unnecessary extra load to carry around, but make no mistake about it, these covers will save you a lot of headache in the long run. When laid out properly, ground covers increase the longevity of your units by protecting them from rips and tears. A vinyl tarp works best for dry units. For wet units, you’ll want to use a canvas tarp, as vinyl becomes very slippery when wet.   Set a cleaning schedule With the heavy amount of use your inflatable units will get week after week, it is wise for you to stick to a cleaning schedule on a weekly-basis, or even a twice-weekly basis for highly rented units.

The World’s Tallest Inflatable Waterslide Hits the Market

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2014-06-26 11:39:06

The 4-story tall unit showcases some of the industry's best safety features.   Santa Fe Springs, CA---eInflatables, the largest manufacturer of inflatable units made in the USA, announces an exciting new unit for 2014. The two-piece 42’ Blue Crush™ Run N' Splash Combo™ is the world’s tallest inflatable waterslide! The unit measures 42’ high and 115’ long, can be used wet or dry, and features many cutting edge safety features. This is the latest and most exciting slide to be added to the best selling line of Blue Crush™ waterslides, which already features 27’, 32’ and 36’ slides.   “This slide can be set up at the beginning of the season, and bring in profits for months. It’s high quality, low maintenance, and is proving to be one of the most popular products we have ever created,” says Steve Nero, CEO of eInflatables. “This unit brings the ultimate in excitement for riders, while still maintaining the highest safety standards. We’re so proud of thi

Jumpstart Your Inflatable Rental Business

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2014-07-10 13:16:47

Jumpstart Your Inflatable Rental Business   Here at eInflatables, we’re lucky to have the best jobs in the world. We sell excitement, and that is exactly what motivates us each and every day to create the most innovative and cutting-edge inflatable units that are both fun and safe.  We love to partner with business owners to share the tools, knowledge, and passion we have for the inflatable rental business. We couldn’t be happier doing what we do, and with your own inflatable rental business, we know you’ll share our sentiments!   Maybe you’ve been thinking of starting your own inflatable rental business, but you need some more information to make a well-informed decision. Well, you’ve come to the perfect place. We’ve compiled a list of the top reasons to jumpstart your business.  Low initial investment and start up costs – Once you have your inflatable and the necessary delivery and set-up equipment, you’ll be free to immediately rent your unit. And,